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Hi I'm Hannah

I’m always terrible at filling out these about me sections.
They’re not fun and I feel like it’s some sort of homework assignment from middle school.
Anyway, I’m Hannah the one behind the camera.

Here are some odd facts about so it’ll be (a little) less weird when I force you to “drunk walk” at your session.

‣Chances are during your session I will say “ope” far more times than is socially acceptable for any Midwesterner.
‣Crickets and Grasshoppers freak me out but I always try to keep my cool during sessions if I see one. No promises if one jumps on me though.
‣I’m OBSESSED with the shows Parks and Rec and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
‣I drink more coffee than one really ever should.
‣My main goal as a photographer is to create art that will last more than a lifetime.


Bloomington, Illinois